Running an Affiliate Programs on Instagram

Running an Affiliate Program on Instagram – An Overview

What is an Affiliate Program on Instagram?

Affiliate marketing on Instagram allows you to promote your brand through influencers. It also enables you as an influencer to earn from brand promotions. For every product or service promoted, the affiliates earn a commission from the clicks. Similarly, the brand generates sales through a good engagement rate from the Instagram affiliate program.

How does Instagram Affiliate Marketing Work?

Instagram’s affiliate program solely works on the content. Your affiliate marketing skills are put to use in posting engaging content. As an affiliate marketer, you create an Instagram affiliate link specifically for your products. When the followers click this link, they are redirected to your business website or an e-commerce website. Here, they can buy the products and services offered by the brand.

Running an Affiliate Program on Instagram – Steps

Here are the steps involving in promoting products as affiliates on Instagram:

  • Create an Instagram Story based on the brand/product to be promoted.
  • Add a link to that Insta-Story by clicking on the chain-link icon at the top-right corner of your story.
  • A new window opens up, prompting you to add the link destination.
  • Type the URL in this field and tap on “Done” to save this affiliate link.
  • To track the clicks made on your affiliate links, you can use Bitly and other URL shorteners.

It is recommended to run successful crypto and forex affiliate programs by partnering with popular crypto affiliate marketing companies, for example, WeLoveAdz‌‌.

Top 3 Benefits to Instagram’s Affiliate Program

Instagram’s affiliate program has several advantages for your business. Here are the three most important benefits of affiliate marketing on Instagram.

  • Incentivize Influencers: Mentioning and tagging influencer’s accounts can be done by your affiliates. This can promote your brand photos and videos spread organically within the Instagram community.
  • Boost Brand Awareness: Instagram affiliates can boost your brand by sharing it through top influencers and other affiliates.
  • Drive Sales: Ultimately, these marketing tactics will increase your sales significantly, in the range of 20% to 30%.

Creating the Perfect Instagram Profile for Affiliate Marketing

Start with writing a killer bio for your Instagram profile, highlight your product with a catchy tagline, your own hashtag, and some other relevant hashtags. Further, include a link in your bio and keep it after the first two-three lines. This clickable link should appear quickly on your Instagram profile bio. While creating the profile, select the “Instagram Business” profile. Use a recognizable profile image that gets you a good engagement rate of at least 100 likes per post.

The Best Example of Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Travel influencer Anna Karsten (@anna.everywhere) posts pictures of her and her son with clothes from various brands. The caption of these posts doesn’t mention the brands. Instead, she talks about how her son Dylan interacts with their pets. When you click the link on her profile bio, you find the children’s clothing items that she is promoting. These include Ralph Lauren, Maisonette, and Saks. This “Anna Everywhere” story is such a success because of the eye-catching pictures, the naive yet engaging content, and the always-effective “aww” factor to each of her posts.

Top 10 Strategies for Affiliates on Instagram

According to crypto affiliate network WeLoveAdz‌‌, the success of an affiliate program on Instagram varies based on your strategies. Here are the ten best Instagram affiliate marketing strategies:

  • Create a separate Instagram Business page on your website and use this URL as an affiliate link, allowing click-throughs to shop from Instagram directly.
  • Do not make the brand promotions your focus point. Instead, create engaging content that draws the attention towards the brand naturally.
  • Highlight your brand promotions through Instagram stories. Keep your followers updated on what brands you’re working with.
  • You can run sponsored posts with your affiliate posts. This can boost your sales in multiple ways.
  • A video is a great tool for affiliate marketers on Instagram. Similarly, you can also leverage the power of Instagram TV (IG TV).
  • Try to emulate the tactics that worked for other influencers.
  • Use coupon codes for every post.
  • Start with niche brands and target a specific IG user community.
  • Develop your own content and shoot your own images.
  • You can also run a paid search to direct more traffic on your Instagram page.

These strategies can make you successful Instagram affiliates and also drive the sales of your promoted products considerably.

3 Pro Tips on Promoting Affiliate Products

Here are the three unique tips on promoting affiliate products on Instagram:

  • Ideally, the number of followers for successful affiliate marketing on Instagram range between 5,000 and 15,000.
  • The affiliate program can become more costly but equally profitable when the affiliate marketer’s followers surpass this range.
  • It would be best to create a perfect Instagram profile, which is the key to garner high engagement.

Final Thoughts

Instagram’s affiliate marketing has been successful for dozens of brands around the world. An affiliate program on Instagram can contribute 10 to 20% of total sales for a product. This way, influences can also expand their affiliate networks and boost your website traffic via Instagram.

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